US Steam Black River & Western Depot at Ringoes, NJ



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2011-01-11 23:09:20 - US Repost - UP_train_2002-12-03_StPaul_MN_b.jpg (1/1) [367K]

I'm up on the High Bridge. 86 minutes after sunset. COLD!! I must have used
a tripod and a wireless shutter button. And if you think this one is noisy,
you should see the ones you're not gonna see... or something like


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2011-01-10 22:03:30 - CA More looking back-April, 1985-VIA 6904 - VIA 6904 eb, Union Station 04-27-85.jpg

In a scene that cannot be taken now, VIA LRC locomotive 6904, with an
all LRC train, is being pushed by CN 8519, to Union Station, from the
washrack, at Spadina coachyard. Several of these shots were taken
from the open walkway along the back of the Metro Toronto Convention
Center, now referred to as the North Building. This walkway was
closed off two years later, after propane cylinders, used by tow
motors and fork lift trucks for show setups, exploded.


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