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2013-08-07 18:00:01



OK. He's not a close personal friend, but these photo document that we
have at least met. Last year I visited his museum in Maggie Valley NC...

...and he showed us around and started a bunch of old bikes for our
entertainment. I mentioned to him that I was "Frank the Real
Biker"...and he had never heard of me before. Told him about the
Amazing Custom Motorcycle Waving Arm...

...and he said that if I'd bring one down he'd stick it in the museum.
Well, this year I rode down there with the last of the 3 existing Waving
Arms on the bike. Stopped in and saw Dale wandering around in the
museum, and lo and behold he remembered me! He had me ride my bike up to
the front entrance for some photos and I gave the Arm to him. (As
opposed to giving the finger to him.) It now resides behind the cash
register in the museum. It isn't in the greatest spot in the place, but
it's just a frickin' bunch of pine board and hardware. I didn't expect
him to put it with the Crocker bikes or a 100 year Harley.

FWIW, one Arm is in Maggie Valley at the museum, one is somewhere in
Arkansas (auctioned it off on the Eddie site) and one is in Holland, The
Netherlands. The Waving Arm is truly international. I plan on building
another arm with 4 articulating fingers next time.

Andy aka Big Stinkie

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